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WELCOME to Purple Nanny an independent retailer of cruelty-free and vegan products.
Here at Purple Nanny, I am making it my mission to source stock which has not been tested on animals. I am striving to protect our planet, and make efforts to find eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items where I can.
As a small shopkeeper, I may not be able to answer all your shopping needs, but I will do my best.
Thank you for shopping with Purple Nanny

Purple Nanny Abbotsbury

Recycled Plastic
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Pieces of Chocolate
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Tiny Feet
At Purple Nanny I work hard to source good quality products from vegan companies so that you don't have to worry.

Supplier of the month

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Fresh Therapies is a UK based company making natural nail care products.
Fresh therapies products are all about taking care of your nails with good quality ingredients that are not harmful to you the planet.

Fresh Therapies are the UK's first made natural nail polish remover (no chemicals added).
Much more healthier for your nails.
More gentle and has a nice hint of lime to it's aroma.
Great for people with sensitive skins, allergy sufferers and expectant mums.
Award winning product.


💜 FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2017. For natural nail polish remover wipes
💜 Gold Winner in Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2016. For natural nail polish remover
💜 Janey Lee Grace, Platinum Awards 2016
💜 Winner in The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible 2014. The highest score for a nail polish remover
💜 Best Beauty Vegan Product at Vegfest London 2013. Best vegan nail care product
💜 Gold Award Winner at the Allergy Show London Olympia 2012

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Fresh Therapies glass nail file
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