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Shampoo shower

Shampoo Bars

Delays possible: Due to Covid-19 there are possible delays in posting times. I will do my best to get your orders out to you as quickly as possible. Please get in touch if you need further information. Thank you. Tina (aka Purple Nanny

Refill products

Refill Products

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WELCOME to Purple Nanny an independent retailer of cruelty-free and vegan products.
Here at Purple Nanny, I am making it my mission to source stock which has not been tested on animals. I am striving to protect our planet, and make efforts to find eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items where I can.
As a small independent business owner, I may not be able to answer all your shopping needs, but I will do my best.
Thank you for shopping with Purple Nanny
Baby Care
Everything for baby
Beauty and skin care products for men and women
Books & Magazines
Paper products
Essential Oils
Essential oils for you and your home
Greetings cards
Celebration cards - ethical. Made from recycled paper with vegetable ink. Buy A Card - Plant A Tree
Home & Garden
Cleaning and laundry made vegan, eco, easy
Pet Care
Vegan cat, dogs and other animals
Boost your well being using vegan suppliments
Refillable Laundry & Cleaning
Refill on your doorstep. Minimum spend £30.00
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