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We live on such a beautiful planet, let's work together to stop it from being destroyed.

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Refill Station

Purple Nanny refill station

Bring in any suitable

container and save money 

Purple Nanny Refill Station

PRICE LIST (correct as of 26/02/19)

500ml bottles

💚 WASHING UP LIQUID (Spiced Ginger) New bottle - £1.50 Refill - £1.00
💚 WASHING UP LIQUID (Unfragranced) New bottle - £1.50 Refill - £1.00
💜 BIOLOGICAL LAUNDRY LIQUID (with Fragrance) New bottle - £2.00 Refill - £1.50
💜 NON-BIO LAUNDRY LIQUID (Unfragranced) New bottle - £1.50 Refill - £1.00

💜 HAND DELICATE LAUNDRY LIQUID (Unfragranced) New bottle - £2.60 Refill £2.10

💙 FABRIC CONDITIONER New bottle - £1.00 Refill - £1.50
💛 ALL SURFACE MULTICLEAN (Lavender & Rosemary) New bottle - £1.50 Refill - £1.00
❤️ WHITE VINEGAR New bottle - £1.00 Refill - £0.50

🧡 GLASS CLEANER New bottle - £0.75 Refill - £1.25

🖤 CREAM CLEANER New bottle - £1.50 - Refill  £2.00

💗​ TOILET CLEANER New bottle - £1.70 - Refill £1.20


💕 HAND SOAP (English Rose or Fig) - Refill £2.00

💝 SHAMPOO & SHOWER GEL (grapefruit & sweet orange) - Refill £2.00

💖 BATH SOAK (Lavender & Pine) - Refill £2.00






9 March 2019

Purple Nanny Abbotsbury Opening Hours

WELCOME to Purple Nanny an independent retailer of cruelty-free and vegan products.

Here at Purple Nanny, I am making it my mission to source stock which has not been tested on animals. I am striving to protect our planet, and make efforts to find eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items where I can.

As a small shopkeeper, I may not be able to answer all your shopping needs, but I will do my best.

Thank you for shopping with Purple Nanny

Explore the Purple Nanny range of Fairtrade, organic, vegan and eco-friendly products

Home and Garden Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping

Home and Garden

Dietary Supplemets Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping


Beauty & Skin Care Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping

Beauty and Skin Care

Baby Care Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping

Baby Care

Essentia Oils Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping

Essential Oils

Food & Drink

Food and Drink

Pet Care Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping


Refill your water bottle FREE at Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping
Benevo Dog Treats
Benvo Pawtato Dog Treats Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping
Benevo Rumble Strips Dog Treats Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping

Bamboo Toothbrush and Travel Case


Dorset Wildflower Beebombs

BeeBombs wildflower seedballs.jpg
Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping



Take some time to browse the online shopping page, you will find some items which have been made by small businesses like mine, as well as some of the more recognisable names. 


For You - 

The vegan nail polish and hand care range is created by another Dorset company called LivOLiv. 

I also stock bath products including bath bombs as well as organic personal care by Naturcare. You will find handmade toothpaste by Green Wyse, and bamboo toothbrushes by the Truthbrush, hair care and skin care by Natural Spa and Heavenly Organics plus many many more brands.

Your Home -
The Sesi refill station is a simple way to cut down on plastic and also save money. You can refill any suitable container. Currently I stock refillable laundry liquid, washing up liquid, white vinegar and surface cleaner. Please ask if you would like me to stock other products.
You can also refill your Soda Crystals, Citric Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate
I also have a few product end items from the Astonish range and from EcoEgg.
Looking for alternatives to plastic bags?  From shopping to jute make up bags, you can find them all in store.

Your Pets -
The Purple Nanny is a stockist for Benevo cat and dog food. Benevo is a vegan range and safe for your pet. Purple Nanny also stocks kitty litter, pet toys and also flea repellents, all

Every item has been carefully chosen to help you find products which are cruelty free.


I want to help you find everyday items that suit your lifestyle but that do no harm to the animals we share our planet with.