Choc Affair vegan chocolate


Choc Affair range

Palm Oil Free, Vegan Certified
Coffee 90g
Dark chocolate and coffee is a winning combination. When the two are combined, the flavour sensation will hit your tastebuds; the morning aroma of ground coffee, along with a luxurious texture of indulgent dark chocolate.

Lime & Sea Salt 90g

Sea salt and chocolate is a unique combination that has completely taken over the chocolate industry; cool, crisp, and lively, this perfect fusion of flavour will awaken your senses like a fresh sea breeze.

Orange 90g

Zingy, cirtus flavours of orange match beautifully with our 60% cocoa solids dark chocolate in a way that will give your tastebuds complete satisfaction. Enjoy this vegan certified chocolate orange experience…

Peppermint 90g

Both an exciting and luxurious chocolate bar; this peppermint dark chocolate has been infused with completely natural flavours, and the vibrancy of the peppermint matched with the sweetness of the dark chocolate bar creates a perky and invigorating experience.

Chilli 90g
Chilli and chocolate are such an unusual combination, but has become so popular over the years; and simply had to be a part of our signature chocolate bar collection! We use real chilli flakes to add a slight warmth to the chocolate; but don’t worry, this is not an overpowering taste!

Dark Chocolate 90g

A little something to help you power on through your morning or afternoon; this 30g dark chocolate bar will certainly put a smile on your face; with it’s indulgent, smooth texture, and rich flavour – it will not disappoint.