Ecoscribe Pens (10 pack)

Ecoscribe Pens (10 pack)

ECO FRIENDLY & MINIMAL WASTE - Our pens are made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable. The box and the paper element of the pens are also 100% biodegradable. To recycle the pen, soak in hot water for approximately 2 minutes. Unravel the pen, remove the plastic ink chamber and metal nib and recycle all parts appropriately. Our ECO SCRIBE pens are not only durable, sleek and stylish, they are also compact in size and packaging, reducing materials used and promoting minimal waste.

LESS PLASTIC - We are proud to offer a solution to the 'plastic pandemic' affecting our planet. Our ECO SCRIBE paper pens are an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to the everyday plastic pen. Our plastic free packaging also compliments our goal of less plastic.

DESIGN FEATURES - Individually hand crafted, our durable, slimline pens, equipped with a medium nib and comfortable non slip grip, create a smooth even flow writing experience. Our black ink, ballpoint biros come in a pack of 10, each pen tightly hand rolled down to the nib. Our paper design hopes to discourage biting/chewing that is commonly associated with plastic pens. There is also the opportunity to decorate/personalise each pen, creating your own unique design.

ECO GIFT SET - Our unique paper pen set is an 'on trend' gift for everyone who wants to make a difference - teenagers and adults alike. With its minimalistic design features, it would also compliment any office/home decor. Also, a great addition to any students' stationery supplies. An ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays and any other special occasions. Surprise a loved one, friend, teacher or colleague with this beautifully handcrafted, unique gift idea.