Love you

Greeting Cards


Childrens birthday cards 

Blank inside

All cards contain a piece of seeded paper. Instructions on using the seeded paper are printed on the paper.

1 tree cards are printed in the UK on 100% recycled FSC certified and fully-traceable material from within the EU. 1 tree cards cardstock are carbon balanced and have the highest WWF ‘Check your Paper’ rating.
No trees are cut down in the making of 1 tree cards and they believe that using recycled paper/card is important both for businesses and consumers so that our waste has somewhere useful (and beautiful!) to go.



1 tree cards envelopes 100% recycled kraft envelopes are made in the UK from EU traceable recycled content that is also completely recyclable. Using kraft fleck paper is as eco as you can get as there is no bleaching or dying in the process. 



1 tree cards printer is one of the most eco conscious out there and all of the printing is done using renewable energy.
They only use vegan inks and avoid the use of foil, glitter and other products that can make cards un-recyclable. 

1 tree cards use vegetable based inks when printing large quantities using litho printers and for smaller quantities use the most eco friendly digital methods.


Compostable Sleeves

The biodegradable/compostable display sleeves look just like their plastic, polypropylene counterparts, only they are made with corn and potato starch here in the UK.