SESI refills cleaning products

Cleaning - 500ml - SESI REFILLS



SESI Liquid refills - Cleaning - 500ml



💛ALL SURFACE MULTICLEAN (Lavender & Rosemary) Refill - £1.00
❤️ WHITE VINEGAR - Refill - £0.50

🧡 GLASS CLEANER - Refill - £0.75

🖤 CREAM CLEANER - Refill £1.50

💗​ TOILET CLEANER - Refill £1.20

💖 RINSE AID - Refill £1.00


This is why I choose to stock SESI

  • Our products are vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable
  • SESI formulas whilst gentle, actually clean!  *Feedback of SESI Non-Bio from a customer at The Market Gardens
  • For fragrances, we don’t use ‘exotic’ plants, we’re determined to cut on carbon footprint where possible
  • Customers keen to refill can afford SESI products, making the refill revolution a higher and wider environmental impact
  • We collect the containers to clean and put back in circulation, making our operation truly zero waste from manufacturing to delivery
  • At SESI we practice transparency. We are not complaisant and dig deep for uncomfortable truths about any products, specially our own