Vegan hot chocolate deink


Hasslacher's Hot Chocolate

Hasslacher only use the finest quality Criollo and Trinitario 'Fino de Aroma' beans, producing the most wholesome-tasting and delicious hot chocolate drink around.

We support sustainable cacao farmers by blending beans from responsible sources in Colombia and have a vertical supply chain, meaning beans are bought directly from the farmers and growers themselves, guaranteeing fixed prices for much longer periods.


Hasslacher's Hot Chocolate Drops - 250g

The most convenient way of experiencing the unique Hasslacher's taste, fine 100% cacao flakes.

100% cacao liquor


Hasslacher's Solid Hot Chocolate Bar - 250g

Hasslacher’s ‘Solid Bar’ Colombian hot chocolate is made to a 100 year old family recipe, from native South American Criollo and Trinitario beans, known as ‘Fino de Aroma’. We double roast our beans to a higher temperature, resulting in a richer more intense flavour and silky smooth texture from the cocoa butter.

Hand wrapped in Colombia, with 100% sugarcane fibre paper and with nothing added or removed, Hasslacher's hot chocolate is a new breed of hot chocolate. Our special recipe is 100% cacao and contains zero sugar, zero cholesterol, dairy and gluten free which makes it ideal for vegetarians and vegans. 
Made to drink, 100% cacao, 100% natural, No added sugar, Zero cholesterol, Naturally high in antioxidants, 0% bleaching chemical used


100% Pure Cacao