Save The Bees Wildflower Seed Bombs

Wildflower Seed Bombs (pack of 2)


Wildflower Seed Bombs (pack of 2)



Handmade Plantable Wildflower Eco-Friendly Seed Bombs


Pack of 2 exagon shaped (each 5 cm wide) in a variety of colors, seeds.

Each has been made from recycled paper and died with natural plant dye - avocado skin, red cabbage, turmeric, onion skin, and flower petals.

The paper pulp has been mixed with dried flower petals or lavender, embedded with good quality UK wildflower seeds like Foxglove, Ragged Robin, Daisy, Wildflower mix, Poppy, and Lavender.

Once they grow they will attract bees and butterflies.


Planting Instructions

Plant inside any time within a year. Best to plant outside in Spring or Autumn.
1. First soak the flower bombs well in water.
2. Plant the soaked flower bombs under 1 cm soil and keep them well watered and place it in a sunny spot.
3. Once you see some shoots, allow them to get stronger before the plant outside. (Germination could take up to a few weeks)


Great stocking filler gifts or secret santa prezzies.



Recycled paper, wildflower seeds, natural plant dye, dried flower petals, dried lavender.